Nechama Fine Art needed an online store worthy of her stunning custom paintings.

Enter the world of Nechama Fine Art, where every stunning stroke of paint bursts with reality and a fully immersive experience. It’s an “I feel like I’m right inside that painting” feeling.

Nechama’s artistic beauty compels viewers to feel deeply connected with Nechama’s paintings, treasuring them inside their homes where they can elevate and inspire.

In order to heavily feature Nechama Fine Art’s vibrant paintings and her bold creativity, we designed a minimalist website that fostered an immersive experience. From the homepage images to the custom product pages, each element of the site is meant to convey the immersive experience of her paintings as they hang in homes and offices, around the world.


We wanted to create a simple checkout flow that would feature the artwork in a clean, clear way, allowing the user to appreciate the full power of the artwork without clutter or distraction.


Since Nechama Fine Art’s paintings really speak for themselves, we wanted to create a simply way to showcase the features of her work, without overwhelming the user. We created product introduction areas so the customers can orient themselves and understand how each painting is created.


Many online stores have checkout carts that take the user away from the product page in order to view what’s in the cart. We developed an innovative side cart view that empowers customers to see what’s in their cart, while keeping the store products on the webpage simultaneously. This encourges the customer to keep shopping until they are confident with their choices and decide to purchase.

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