Build your brand with a stunning website design.

Web Design And Development

Getting your stuff online is more than uploading text and images. Dynamite Click works closely with you to build your brand, colors, messaging, and create a website that drives traffic and leads.

Beautiful, custom website design.

With every click on your website, your clients need to feel a connection to your brand in order to make them feel comfortable to contact you, register, or buy from your website. Our team of designers, and developers has the ability to bring your dream website design into reality.

Creating websites that convert into leads.

With attention spans getting shorter by the day, your website needs to be clear, minimal, and clean so that visitors contact you right away. You simply don’t have the budget to waste the opportunity with a cluttered design and text that does not encourage the visitor to contact you or buy from your website.

We help you clarify your content so that your optimizing your website design for conversions.

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Website design is fuel for your business. Depending on whether you need e-Commerce, membership integration, payment processing or registration forms, and many other features, the amount of “fuel” you’ll need in the tank to drive your businss will vary.

Our goal is help you drive sales in the long term.

How We Can Help You

As your “website people” we’re in your corner every step of the way. That means we help take care of the little things that you might not know how to handle. Here are some of the ways we help you.

Website Design

Years of experience working with various clientele in different industries, both non-profit and for-profit give us knowledge to help guide you. If you aren’t sure what type of design fits your company, we can help guide with branding guidelines, colors, and how it all affects the user when they visit your site.

Website Hosting

With our own powerful managed servers that we maintain on a weekly basis, you can eb sure your website will run fast and be available 100% of the time on our servers. Or, if you have another hosting provider you prefer, we’ll help you get your new site migrated and launched on the hosting of your choice.

E-Commerce Shop Development

We’ll help you sell online by building a website with a store, checkout cart, or redesign your current e-commerce website. Our team can design and develop small stores of 10 – 20 products, or configure an online store with thousands of products.

Website Security and Speed

Ever get that ‘Non Secure’ warning when visiting a neglected website? Unfortunately, non-secure websites lose traffic quickly due to visitors feeling concerned with site security. Website load times are also incredibly important in 2021. We’ll help optimize and secure your site.

Website Ongoing Maintenance

When you’re doing business online, you need to make sure the backend is being taken care of. We help with managing inventory on your website shop, regular site backups, priority support (phone & email), and performance optimization so you keep bringing in the $$$.

Content Management

Confused about how to get all your text and images onto your website? We’ll help you sort out which text should go on which pages, and create simple menu structure so your visitors can quickly find what they need. From Google Doc to Website – we’ll help you make it through!


Not sure how everybody else gets those cool business email addresses on their website domain name? As we get ready for launch, we’ll help you get set up with Google G Suite and configure your email MX records, which is techspeak for “we’ll take care of ya!”

Membership Sites

Are you looking to sell your courses, classes, digital downloads or any other type of membership site? We can develop websites with user logins, my account pages, and checkout forms with pricing and products built in for customers to purchase products from your site.

One goal: help you grow online. Are you ready?

Let’s talk! We would love to talk with you to develop a plan for your growth with your new website.

How We Work

We evaluate your needs

We discuss your goals in your website

Talk about 6 month, 1 year goals and future, to build for the long term

We look at your past challenges online

We examine all the ways you can increase business online

With an understanding of what you need, we will:

Give you guidance on gathering the text, images, products, services and other content you’ll need for the site

Advise on how to showcase your products / services pages in a format that drives leads

Create a color scheme and website design aesthetic based on your preferences

After we start building the site, we’ll give you the chance to:

Review the design and overall aesthetic, and provide feedback / changes before the site is complete

Add content and move things around, so you feel comfortable with how things fit

Provide changes and feedback with 1 – 2 rounds of changes before the site goes live

Once the website is built, we can help you:

With regular website maintenance, updating website pages, writing content, and posting new services

Maintain your E-commerce website with new products, inventory management, and provide reliable hosting with backups and security updates

Get more traffic with SEO services, Google Ads, and social media advertising

Maintain your customer retention systems with CRM integrations, email newsletters, and drip marketing

We Partner With Leading Website Platforms

When taking on a new client, we come up with a plan to integrate the best solutions in digital marketing to ensure your website hums along efficiently.


  • Integration with leading E-commerce platforms, such as Woocommerce and Shopify.
  • Set up payment processing using Stripe,, and many other popular payment processing portals.
  • CRM integration to help you nurture leads.
  • Email integration to ensure follow up via newsletters or drip email marketing.
  • We develop WordPress based websites, the most powerful content management system on the web.

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Beyond Website Design Services



Dynamite Click provides a wide range of digital marketing services, in order to provide with a full online marketing powerhouse at your disposal:

Local SEO
Paid Ads & Re-Targeted Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Inbound & Content Marketing
Email Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new website cost?
Since every website is a unique creation that is tailor made to help you grow, we would be happy to discuss with you first and then provide you with a quote. Pricing depends how many webpages there in your website, whether you’d like to sell online, and what your long term marketing goals are.
I already have a website. Can you fix it up?
It depends on the the current set up the website and how it’s built. If it’s fundamentally sound, we can oftentimes rework and redesign your existing site. We’ll analyse every situation on case by case basis to ensure your long term, future website will serve properly.
Do I have to pay upfront?
With most projects, we provide a monthly payment plan so that you can pay off your website in more manageable payments. Once you’ve paid the entire amount of your final price, you’ll own the website free and clear – no additional payments from Dynamite Click. For digital marketing and ongoing website projects, such as maintenance, we’ll work with you on a monthly retainer plan.
Will my website look good on cell phones?
Since people use so many different types of devices, we design all our websites to be responsive – they will adjust for any screen size. In 2021, over 50% of website traffic is from mobile phones, which means we pay close attention to ensure usability and clarity in mobile phone view of the site.
Will I be able to easily edit my website in the future?
Yes – without any coding knowledge at all! If you’ve used other visual website builders before, you’ll be familiar with using drag and drop or click to edit functions.

Since our websites are built on WordPress, which powers 35% of all websites worldwide, you’ll find our backend super easy to use, even for a total newbie to the more techie side of things. In addition, many of our clients will either pay for website updates when needed, or join a monthly maintenance plan.

What is the turnaround for web design?
From the initial call to launch, the turnaround time varies depending on how large your project is, and of course your schedule – we’ll need to be in touch with you throughout the process to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

Typically, smaller websites that don’t include E-commerce stores or membership functionality can be completed in 2 / 4 weeks. Larger sites can take 6 / 8 weeks, and E-commerce sites with 25 products or more often take longer than that.