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Advertising and Marketing

Is your business feeling slow? With targeted advertising and lead nurturing, we help you build a busy pipeline that drives sales.

For every $1.60 spent on Google Ads, businesses make $3 in sales.

Your customers and your audience are living inside a digital world that has never been more connected online. Mobile phone usage isn’t a statistic any longer; it’s a daily (hourly?) way of life.

Companies are being forced to look at marketing in completely new way: online advertising, videos, email marketing, retargeting and ongoing optimization. Let’s talk about getting your company in front of millions of potential clients.

Attract your customers with advertising and marketing.

In this modern age of data and analytics, the more you understand your audience through advertising and lead nurturing, the better you’ll be able to attract future buyers. And because 71% of buyers start their product search online, you need to ensure that first impression – and then the second and third – counts towards the sale.

How Advertising & Marketing Can Help You

How we help drive sales:

Google Ads

While most people don’t click on the ads, the ones who do (some 10% of searchers) are 50% more likely to purchase or contact you. Google Ads works simply because it’s affordable, meaning that you’ll get more sales $ than you’ll spend on Ads.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on the social media giant, Facebook, is a powerful way to drive revenue for your company. However, it’s easy to generate clicks and impressions – harder to convert them into sales, in the social media click-happy world. We fine-tune Facebook campaigns for conversions.

Social Media

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more – your people are using these platforms daily, making them a great place for you to place targeted ads. Social media ads also help improve your customer experience with direct conversations and interacations on these platforms.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are an excellent way to collect leads and sell your products, so you can avoid wasting daily website traffic. By collecting email addresses and phone numbers, we then connect with your CRM and email marketing service to drive sales.

Email Marketing

Getting traffic is one thing, but retaining the traffic through consistent email marketing is key to building your audience. We use strategic email marketing plans to increase customer engagement and promote your products.

One goal: help you grow online. Are you ready?

Let’s talk! We would love to talk with you to develop a plan for your growth with your new website.

What Does Online Advertising Cost?

Though many small businesses spend thousands on ads, we can start at as little as $300 – $50+. You can start getting leads today with a small ad spend, and grow it as we improve sales.

You take care of your business

We’ll help find your customers

Serving your clients or your community is your top priority. You don’t have time to do it all. Let’s talk about how we can help you grow your traffic online, so you have more time to focus on taking care of your business or organization.

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