Why You Need Website Graphics To Rank On Google

If you are a business owner in the Phoenix area, you may be wondering how to grow your online presence in 2020. If you are looking to increase your website’s popularity on Google, great website graphics are an essential.


Google is getting smarter!

The wording of your content, the number of high quality and relevant links on the page, and the time users spend on your page make your site more valuable to the Google algorithm and help you rank.

But another important but overlooked component of a good landing page in the eyes of Google: excellent graphics!

For your Phoenix business to succeed, your graphics need to be stylish, unique, and convert casual users to loyal customers. But not just your desktop site. Your graphics need to be optimized for both desktop and mobile searches so Google always recommends your business.

Here are some great tips to include high quality and effective graphics to your site.

Use Eye-Catching Website Graphics

Graphics should be minimal and visually appealing. Keep colors simple, complimentary, and relevant to your product or business.

Keep your website graphics interesting particularly for your target audience. Different types of people are drawn to different visual content. For example, if your target audience tends to lean more towards fun and exciting content, infographics or charts may not be as engaging to them as a gif or action image.

You need a variety of graphics that each serve a function on your pages. Decide if you are using them to identify yourself (logo), back up a fact (charts), appeal to a user (action or product photos), or engage with the user (sign up offers).

Forget The Stock Images – Spend Time Researching Great Web Graphics

Make every graphic on the page interesting and intentional. Do not include graphics that are more clutter than content.

Use graphics to have the users interact with your site. The longer user stay on your pages, the higher you rank.

Get creative. include website graphics that could technically be stand alone content. A video or image summing up your major selling points is better than a relevant stock image.

This way Google can recommend your images or videos to consumers and drive traffic to your site

Stock images are generic and could be associated with any business. Use custom graphics designed especially for your brand. Custom graphics need to pack a punch and be able to instantly be associated with what your company represents.

Infographics are an increasingly popular way to mix engaging illustrations and statistics. They’re concise, informational, and easy to remember. Original infographics solidify your expertise as a business. A well formed infographic will include SEO within the image achieving two goals at once with the algorithm.

Custom icons are another great way to keep your users engaged as they scroll through your content.

How you use your website graphics can turn clicks into customers. Work with experts that know how to merge user habits and marketing techniques with beautiful graphics. Graphics that convert casual users to customers should be compelling and even direct user’s attention to a call to action.

Always optimize your images by making them smaller for web, so they load faster. Google loves fast, smooth scrolling.

With the plethora of online business out there, users always judge a book by its cover. Making effective use of your site’s graphic design will capture users’ attention and ultimately grow your customer base.