Should I Buy Cheap Hosting Or Get Hosting From My Web Design Agency Hosting?

Deciding where to get your website hosting can be a tricky decision, because you choose your hosting company, it can be troublesome to switch later on. Aside for the cost of hosting, the quality of the hosting, speed performance, security of the servers, and the hosting customer service are all important factors to consider when deciding on web design agency hosting, or one of the big hosting companies.

In recent years, many web design agencies have begun offering hosting on their own, managed servers.

Let’s take a look at web design agency hosting stacks up against the bigger hosting companies out there.

Customer Service Of Cheap Hosting vs. Web Design Agency Hosting

When you go with a web design agency to build your website, the customer service on the hosting side is something you’ll already be familiar with, having built a business relationship with the individual people you’ve already work with at the agency.

Therefore, website hosting is a more personalized experience than larger companies, like Godaddy or Siteground, since you know your developer on a personal level. Site goes down? No problem, call the developer on his personal phone or email him.

But if your website goes down and you’re with Bluehost or one of the other larger hosting companies, you’ll have to go through a call center or an outsourced tech support team, that might be difficult to get in touch with. Waiting on hold for 38 minutes while customers are trying to order from your website isn’t good for your wallet – or your stress levels.

Speed and Performance

Web design agency hosting can also be faster than larger, more well known companies like Bluehost or GoDaddy because you’re not sharing resources with hundreds of other websites.

When you go with the big guys, your website will share hardware and bandwidth on shared servers that are usually have 750+ websites jammed onto one server. At Dynamite Click, we affectionately call those ‘oversold servers.’ That means less resources for your website, and slower speeds.

The typical web design agency doesn’t provide hosting at the level of larger companies – so they’ll tend to have a lot less clients on each server, which means your website is getting more resources and most importantly, faster speeds.

Web Design Agency Hosting Pricing: What Do You Get For Your Money?

The big draw for the big hosting companies is of course their rock bottom hosting prices. So do you really get enough bang for your buck when you pay more with a web design agency?

That depends on your comfort level in managing your own website. For most website clients, updating plugins, core, and WordPress themes are just not up their ally.

If you neglect to take website backups, and update the backend of your website, eventually your site becomes vulnerable to hackers and design errors when the site loads for users.

web design agency hosting usually offers to take care of all the backend stuff – so your site always runs smoothly and up 100% of the time. This is the true advantage of going with a web design agency for your hosting; you’ll always have someone in your corner to answer questions, fix problems and offer support to you.

If you view your website as an valuable investment in your business or organization, getting the right level of service and performance from your web design agency hosting will always pay off for your future growth and sustained success online.

Whether you choose your web design agency for their expertise in creating and managing websites or just for their top notch hosting services – it will be money well spent.