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Keep Your Website Running at Peak Performance
Standard $65/moPremium $200/mo
EditingUp to 1 hour per month.Up to 1 hour per month.
Software UpdatesWeekly.Weekly.
BackupsDaily onsite backups.Daily onsite backups. Plus monthly offsite backups emailed to you.
ServerVultr Standard. 1 GB RAM. 2 GB Storage.Vultr High Frequency with Redis Object Cache Pro. 2 GB RAM. 50 GB Storage.
SMTPUp to 200 emails sent from your website per month (contact forms, notifications, etc).Up to 3000 emails sent from your website per month (contact forms, notifications, etc).
Monthly ReportsNone.SMTP report
Analytics/SEO report
Link monitor report
Server report
Security report
Uptime report
SupportStandard email support. Edit requests are typically completed within 2-5 days.Dedicated account manager. Edit requests are typically completed within 1-3 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do monthly editing hours roll over?

Unused monthly editing hours do not roll over. This is so that we can properly predict and allocate enough time each month to fulfill all of our client’s edit requests.

What day of the month do edit hours reset?

We log editing time per calendar month, so a new month in edit requests always starts on the first of the month, not the date you signed up.

What if I ever need more than 1 hour in a month?

You can purchase additional hours at a rate of $65/hr with a minimum increment of 1 hour.

What kind of requests are covered under editing hours?

Editing requests are fulfilled by our developers only. Developers can edit any content on your website or add new content as long as you provide clear written instructions.

What’s not covered under editing hours?

Creative direction: Creative direction is handled by our designers and must be requested as a separate proposal.
Copywriting or content writing: Writing is handled by our writers and must be requested as a separate proposal.


The following terms apply while Scalebloom is hosting & maintaining your website.

  • Adding new code yourself: You should not add, remove, or edit any plugins, themes or programming code from the website. Doing so will terminate the agreement. For questions about plugins, themes, or code, please contact us so we can perform the work for you.
  • Security: You should never share your own website login info with others. Instead, if you want to add new users to your website, just create a new user account for them or ask us to do it for you. Everyone with access to your website should use their own login info and never use a shared login.

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