Hebrew School Website Design

Westmount Hebrew is a leading Hebrew School based out of Montreal, Canada.

They hired Dynamite Click for their Hebrew school Website design. Here’s how we came up with their new web presence.

Bold And Clean Hebrew School Website Design

The internet is a big place, and it gets messy out there really quickly. Try searching online for “great website design,” and see how easily things can get overwhelming with the sheer amount of data out there.

For Westmount Hebrew Hebrew School website design, we designed a slider for the main header area – the first thing you see when you load the website – with photos of children learning happily.

That initial feel is one of joy of learning, which is precisely the goal of the school; to make Jewish learning fun. We almost wanted to hop back in time and get our hands dirty with some experimental learning ourselves!

The rest of the homepage is clean – squeaky clean! Our obsession with keeping things modern and minimal makes their content and their school stand out quickly.

Remember that people nowadays have such short attention spans when reading online – within a few seconds they’ve already jumped over to Facebook.

Website Design Color Schemes

Did you know that over 90% of our assessment of a product is judged on colors? If users don’t like the colors, there’s a very high chance they’ll close your website real fast.

Different colors bring up different feelings in people. Our website design for Westmount Hebrew follows their beautiful branding strategy of blue and yellow.

Yellow is a fun color, and blue evokes feelings of trustworthiness and professionalism. Taken together, these colors through the Hebrew School website design give the user a sense that this school takes learning seriously, but with the right of fun to keep every child’s attention all day long.

Notice that there are no other colors on the website aside for blue and yellow; it is key to keep your website colors to a minimum. Too many colors and the users feel like they are wading through a pool of confusion.

We suggest one primary color, and one secondary color. Ask us more about our color suggestions and pairings, we are happy to help.