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4X Results For A Local Phoenix, AZ Dentist

With over 30 years in existence, 19th Ave Dental is a popular choice for thousands of households in Phoenix, AZ. But with their website barely functional, and no SEO or marketing strategy in place, they were losing out on potential patients.

The Problem:

In any large city in the US, there are thousands of dental practices, and competition is fierce. 19th Ave Dental was finding it difficult to compete with larger, more established practices, so they need a website that would optimized for search engines, convert make leads, and earn new patients.

The Solution:

First, we completely redesigned their website, making it responsive and mobile-friendly.

Then we embarked on a robust content marketing campaign, going after high level keywords that attract a large percentage of local searches. Our writing team crafted a content marketing plan that was – and will continue to be – instrumental in achieving 4X the traffic they had before we began work.

In addition, we implemented an email marketing campaign to old clients that will help reestablish their relationships with past patients, and provide relevance on a constant basis. Our marketing approach evolves with each client, and 19th Ave Dental will continue to benefit from a quality digital marketing that will push their dental office forward in an online world.