Einstein Locksmith Website Design

With a dated website that was built in the early 2000s, Einstein Locksmith needed website design to bring his digital presence up to 2020. Here’s what we accomplished for this reputable local business.

Website Design With A Bold Entry

As you can see in this image above, we designed the top image area to make a big WOW! impact on users, whether on mobile or desktop. We know that users need just 0.5 seconds to make their judgement of the business they see on a website, so we crafted an area that features a full width image and big, clear text.

The text area in the header is one of those things that requires careful design; on many poorly designed websites, you’ll find text that’s impossible to read! Marrying text and images in a way displays text clearly without ruining the background image is an art, and we’re proud of the way we brought this together.

Bold Colors Make Your Web Design And Brand POP!

Another key focus here is the colors of the website and the call to action buttons. The orange color screams fun, lightheartedness and warmth. We wanted the customer to know that getting locked out of your car is not such a terrible thing! Help is just around the corner with Einstein Locksmith.

Orange packs a big punch though, so this color in website design can give the appearance of chaos if it’s not worked in carefully.

That’s why we offset the bright color with deep blacks and grays, to maintain a professional, calming look. Ultimately, the focus of the design is all about getting the user to feel that this locksmith can get the job done quickly and professionally – so we communicated this clearly with our color palette.

Keyword Targeting: Content For Long Term Keyword Research

We created a custom content campaign with over 40 pages of content, each with unique answers to popular searches.

For example, we create a page specific to a user searching for “lexus car key replacement.” And it’s not enough to create a general page focusing on “car key replacement” because if you own a honda and you need a new car key, you want to know that your locksmith caters to your specific brand of car.

So… we created over 40 pages, each focusing on different brands, such as “honda car key replacement,” “ford car key replacement,” and the list goes on.

How did we know this? We use powerful keyword research tools, including Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush, which offer rich insights into keyword analysis and tell us what searches are most popular.

It’s more than website design; we look at the whole picture, including SEO.

Looking to learn more about bold design and powerful SEO research for your website? Drop us a line anytime, we’re happy to help.