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How We Helped A Banner Printer Triple Growth With More Traffic, Leads and Higher Conversions

In April of 2007, a Mid-Western banner printer called NorthCoast Banners opened up a new division: backdrops and stage scrims for bands across North America. While they did already have an existing base of clients, the new division would be a completely different market. Without a strong footprint, they needed to start winning new clients from scratch.

The Problem:

In those times, the Internet and Google search was still fast developing, so it was hard for small businesses to collect proper analytics and truly understand what was happening on their website. NorthCoast Banners had a website, but it wasn’t performing as well as they wanted. They weren’t getting the leads they needed from online traffic and conversions were low.

There were some band leads trickling in, as part of the general mix of traffic they earned, but their website wasn’t as effective as they wanted it to be.

The Solution:

We started by doing an in-depth audit of their website, then put together a comprehensive SEO strategy.

First, we built a brand new website called Backdrops For Bands to better target the market. Second, we started to optimize their website for search engines, making sure the site was properly structured and that all their keywords were included in the right places.

Second, we created a targeted SEO campaign to drive more traffic to their website. We did this by creating keyword-rich content, building links from related websites, and refining content to target exactly what bands search for, to properly serve their search queries.

With the help of our SEO team, we were able to triple their website’s growth within the first year, generating more traffic and leads than ever before.

Many brick and mortar businesses in the North American market focus their energies on local, offline areas, but with the help of a well-executed SEO campaign, any business – even the dyed-in-the-wool blue collar type – can benefit from reaching new customers online. If you’re looking to expand your business and reach new markets, contact us today for more information on how we can help.